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IPO or Schutzhund as it was previously call is a competitve dog sport undertaken in many countries throughout the world. Metro Dogsport Club inc. is a Brisbane based club dedicated to the sport of IPO (Schutzhund).

The club was formed by a group of dedicated trainers and competitors with the ultimate goal of achieving the best out of their dogs and themselves as trainers and competitors in IPO (schutzhund).

Many of our members have competed in IPO (schutzhund) trials both locally, nationally and internationally, having trained their dogs from puppies to
IPO 3, the highest level in the sport.

If you are looking for the ultimate challenge for both you and your dog then IPO (Schutzhund) is all that and more.


The sport of Schutzhund revolves around obedience and control of the dog during all phases.


A fun and interesting phase is tracking. There are many levels of tracking that can be achieved.


A challenging phase of Schutzhund, the protection routine is always fun to watch.

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