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IPO / VG Dogsports

IPO/VPG Dogsport was established over 20 years ago here in Australia and continues to grow as a competitive dog sport activity.

Although still in its infancy in Australia it has been part of the European culture since the start of the 1900’s and has been a popular sport since this time. In Europe it is also used as part of their mandatory breed survey requirements to determine breed worthiness for all working breeds. IPO/VPG is an internationally recognized sport with more than 28 countries worldwide participating in competitions in their own countries and internationally in World Championships.

All of our members have either competed locally or nationally with one of our members representing Australia in the 2007 FMBB IPO World Championships. He created Australian Dog sport history as the first person to represent Australia in an IPO World Championship. It’s important to understand that IPO/VPG is not security training, guard dog training or personal protection training. It is a competitive Dog sport, which will test the character of your dog as a working dog but will not give you a personal protection dog.

Dog sport is not this type of dog training! Dog sport enthusiast are looking for a balanced, stable and social animal for competition and breed worthiness.